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Boracay: Where To Eat


They have the most number of food chain on the island. It’s a popular choice for people who are on a budget. They serve their chicken roasted or fried plus they have other dishes too like chopsuey and sinigang among others.

Bar Lo

Two Seasons

Bar Lo at sunset

Mojito shots in a pop!

Located in Station 1, this is Two Seasons Hotel’s own bar and restaurant. Uhmm.. my cousin is the executive chef here. haha Should I have said that? Anyways, he’d come up with out of the ordinary dishes like serving crocodiles (okay, that’s more crazy & adventurous ;) ) in his menu. He orders them from the crocodile farm in Palawan. They’ll serve it barbecued, grilled or cooked in coconut milk. I tried it and it was just like chicken (really) though chewier. ;) They also have these cocktail drinks in a bubble. You pop them in your mouth. He’d give me mojitos coz he knows I like it. Their pizzas are good too! I like it a lot so I’d always get one. :D


For a dose of Mediterranean cuisine, head inside Station 2’s D’Mall. This place is almost always packed. Cyma was recommended to us by my chef cousin when I first visited the island. I always enjoy eating their spinach and artichoke cheese fondue. Mmm!

Jonah’s Fruitshake


Located by Station 1’s beachfront, this is probably the one food place that got the most write ups and reviews. They relocated a year ago to the mainroad because of the high rental fee.  But they opened another place by the beach so business must be doing great. Good for them! Open from 8am til 12am, the place is popular for their shakes (95-180php). Although they have other foods in their menu, I’m not crazy about them as I found them too expensive for the serving size. However, some of their shakes are heavy enough to be a meal that you don’t really have to order foods. ;)

Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal counter

Located inside D’Mall, Mang Inasal is quite similar to Andoks that sometimes I’d confuse one for the other. Mang Inasal is a big hit to people in the area for their unlimited rice and soup offering (available if you’d order one of their value meals, 99php) !

Real Coffee and Tea

Foods you ordered are cooked in front of you :)

Baking muffins! Made me wanna jump in and take over from them! :D

Omelette with pesto and toast for breakfast :D

Located in Station 1, this is my hands down favorite breakfast place!  With Boracay Regency’s breakfast buffet at a close second. If you do manage to get up by 11am, you can have either free coffee or tea with your order. Popular for their calamansi muffin, a good friend of mine suggested that I try out their omelette with pesto (220php). I kept ordering it everyday for the whole week I was there. I liked it that much!  The owner, a warm lady who hails from the Bay Area, is usually present and chats with her customers.

Sea Breeze Cafe

Sea Breeze’s buffet table

A hearty meal to start the day ;)

One of Boracay Regency Hotel’s many restaurants, this one offers buffet (500php) all day. I like the breakfast here.  When I am feeling that I can eat lots, this is where I’d head to. So many choices to choose from. :D


Located inside D’Mall, this place doesn’t seat that many people at a time but that hasn’t discouraged people from eating there. Relatively cheap but good tasting foods are their strongest point. Drinks range from 20 to 60php while you can have a dish from 45 to 120php. Service here varies, they’re sometimes really slow but they there are also times when they’re quick and efficient.

True Food

True Food’s interior

Vegetarian dinner

Not to be confused with Real Coffee and Tea, this is an Indian restaurant located along Station 1. Their brightly colored huge pillows looked so inviting, I had to give in! hehe We had a North Indian vegetarian dinner here. A set (600php) is more than enough for two people. It was kinda expensive there though. That’s probably why there were more foreign than local customers.

Note: There are tons more to choose from in the island – here’s a list of 15 budget restos you can eat at when in the island. One of the reasons I’m excited to visit Boracay is because of the variety of food choices. I love food that’s why. At night, there are many buffet along the beach. Take your pick. The last time we were there, my dad literally gorged himself (he looked pregnant afterwards!) on delicious oysters! OR if you really wanna save, cook your own food and/or eat at local carinderias. ;)

Seafood buffet! :)

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Bangkok City Tour (part 2)

February 20, 2011

After touring museums and palaces for the better half of the day. Afternoon was spent in Chinatown. But we first had our lunch outside of the Grand Palace complex. I decided to let Richard choose my foods for me (I tend to have poor judgement in ordering foods). :D Rahel had to leave afterwards coz she’d meet up with her boyfriend at the airport.

Tom Kha Kai (Sliced chicken in coconut milk)

To get to Chinatown from the Grand Palace, we walked towards the nearest pier, Tha Chan (N9), took the Central Pier-bound river ferry (orange flag) and got off at the Ratchawongsee Pier (N5).

How do I describe Thailand’s Chinatown? Essentially, same-same but different. ;) Lots of tasty foods, temples, markets. I enjoy getting lost in them. We eventually had to part ways with Ali and Diana too. :(

Tuk tuk

Bangkok buddies (Rahel's not in the pic though)! :)

Chinese temple

Back at our hosts’ place, my cousin and I packed our stuff. Afterwards we went out with our hosts. We’re gonna have some Thai massage in the local neighborhood. Sooo cheap! A foot massage at KSR usually costs 150THB for 30minutes but ours was a foot massage (we could have gone with the full body massage too) for 1 (up to 2) hour for only 150THB! It was very popular with the locals that we had to be separated for them to be able to accommodate us. The others where on the 2nd floor while I was on the 1st floor. When the masseuse asked me in Thai and I answered that I can only understand English, they went into a mini panic! haha Good thing there was another customer who can speak some English. Turns out she was asking how long I want. We’d only get one hour coz we have a flight to catch. I told her to not to do  it hard. I loved it! My cousin ended up with some bruises coz of the massage though. Aww.

Afterwards, we had some “proper” ice cream before we had our dinner. Desserts before dinner? Perfect! A treat from our wonderful host!

Deserts before dinner! :D

Awesome guys!

They then accompanied me to a local market to buy some last minute “pasalubong” for friends and family back home. Next up is dinner in an eatery recommended by those two. Hands down, the best meal we’ve had in Thailand. The guys ordered lots (from chicken to shrimps to soups) and we managed to finish them all! Bloated! They even have the tummy pictures to prove it (but I won’t be posting those). ;)

Dish # 1: Kai Ka Tiam (stir-fried chicken in garlic sauce and pepper)

Dish # 2: Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour Thai soup with prawns)

Dish # 3: Gai Pad Med Mamuang Himapan pronounced as Kai Pat Met Mamuang (Thai chicken with cashew nuts)

When we got back to our room to pick up our stuff, JJ and Richard gave us final instructions on how to get to the airport. They then hailed a cab for us. My cousin and I were sad to have to say goodbye to them coz the last 3 days had been such a blast! The  hospitality, generosity and friendship they offered was overwhelming. Thanks you so much guys! Khob khun ka! *hugs* We’ll definitely visit again! :D

With our hosts, JJ & Richard, on their couch :)

Waiting for boarding

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