Best of Travel 2011: My Fave Travel Moments

2011 was probably the year that I was most often on the road. On my own, with family or friends enjoying a relaxed trip or exploring new destinations in as well as out of the country! So even if I have never done a travel recap nor a year ender post, here’s one now before I embark on different journeys and adventures for the year 2012! Thanks Mica! Here’s my response to your tag for me about the Best of Travel 2011 survey. :)


Enjoying another sunny day! :D

Aside from the expected Boracay, I would have to say that Bohol tops my list for this year. It just has everything! From the countryside to the sea and not to mention that they have eco-adventures and delicious foods too. We went there for my mom’s birthday and she truly enjoyed it and that’s enough to make me happy as well. ;)

My bro and mom by the Chocolate Hills :)


Bangkok. I had a wonderful time there coz of all the people I met (our hosts + other travelers)! Though I wasn’t really able to shop nor were we able to explore famous beach islands such as Ko Phi Phi and Krabi, it was enough to warrant another visit in the future. It also doesn’t hurt that it connects you to mainland Asia, making a trip to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and the likes a must! Daily foot massage and Thai foods totally made our days there! :D

Bangkok buddies!


Traveling with my cousin in Bangkok and El Nido was the best travel experience I could choose amongst all the other great ones I’ve had!

With my cousin aka travel buddy. Thanks Nick for this shot!

Because sometimes, it’s truly the people who you travel with or meet on your journeys that can make or break a trip. When we were Bangkok, we were hosted by two amazing Filipino guys that I met through Couchsurfing. They, along with the other travelers we met there, truly made it a trip to remember for me! Well, it didn’t hurt that we were in Bangkok eating delicious (and spicy) foods, exploring (beautiful) temples and even riding elephants. ;)

I would have to add one more here.

Bucas Grande's non sting jellies! :D

Swimming with thousands of stingless jellyfish was just wayyyyy awesome! I swam with whalesharks in 2009 and it was pure adrenaline rush. The jellies on the other hand was as exhilirating but on a chill mode. What amazes me as well is the fact that amongst my (tons) of travel buddies, there was only one guy who had been there before me and to think that they’ve traveled all over! It felt like we were exploring uncharted territories coz of that. hehe I was apprehensive to get into the water since I don’t want to get stung so our guide just scooped one out of the lagoon and we all tentatively touched it. Not entirely convinced, I still went into the water. When I was in there, I was trying not to get in contact with them which was just IMPOSSIBLE! They’d bump into you. They felt like a little more solid form of gelatins. hehe And did I say that viewing them underwater is just amazing?! Wow!

Surigao buddies! ;)


I don’t really have anything to put here because I treat every misfortune as another part of my adventure that makes a trip more exciting. Well, unless maybe it’s really bad. hehe

HK's beautiful skyline in the early morning :)

Hmmm.. though I really like Hong Kong and I’m a budget traveler, skimping on accommodation when you’re with your mom is a totally bad idea! Or, not really thinking about it before hand especially when going to a popular tourist destination as HK.  In my defense though, she kept changing her mind as to whether she will join me and only decided to do so on the day that I was to leave for HK (she was to follow after 3 days and I wasn’t thinking about any bookings coz I almost always couchsurf). I ended up booking for a hostel an hour before my flight and got a confirmation when I was already there. The one I prefered to stay at was fully booked. The hostel room where we stayed at was very small and we were both too disappointed to use the toilet there. It was a good thing we were there literally just to sleep coz we went to Macau early the next morning (where thankfully, you get more than your money’s worth). It’s funny looking back on it but we didn’t find it funny then. hehehe

Nothing to write? Now this part became the longest! -_-


Getting ready to try the infamous durian! :D (guys, pahiram ng pic ah)

Not really embarrassing but more of funny. Uhmm.. I often wear beach dresses when I’m on out of town trips because of various reasons (looks nice in pictures and to be always ready for the beach coz it’s normally a bathing suit underneath it and then dress dries easily afterwards). I was in Davao with friends for the Kadayawan festival. It was noon and it was very hot so while waiting for one of our companion (Ed), we went inside the church. One of the old ladies wearing a white clothing with a veil (an active member of the parish?), went up to me and said, “Ineng, di pwede yang suot mo dito!” (Young lady, you’re not wearing appropriate clothing inside the church!) Not wanting any other scolding, I just told her that I had no other clothes left and that I’m sorry. I quickly joined my friends who were seated. Later, I saw her again and had to resist an urge to duck behind my companions! :D

Davao buddies! :) (the dress I was wearing when I got a scolding! hehe)


Photo op!

My dad’s home province is in Bicol. I’m proud to say that we boast of this beautiful place called, Caramoan! My last travel destination in the Philippines for 2011 . A darling destination for several Survivor franchises, the rugged beauty as well as the remoteness of this place captured their attention. Not to mention that it’s very gorgeous! Probably the fact that I’m kinda biased towards places with karsts helped. I felt myself go wow the first time we saw the place (my friends who traveled with me reacted the same way ;))! Not to forget the fact that I really enjoyed the trip there with my workmates who were just a happy bunch!

Caramoan buddies!


Beautiful El Nido :)

Hands down, Palawan is my favorite island in the Philippines! It just made me a convert. I’m now a beach bum (though I’m no good swimmer too -_-) whereas I’d always prefer a trip to the mountain or cities, now, I find myself going to a beach every other weekend in the Philippines! Long stretch of fine, powdery beaches. Beautiful limestone karsts in the background. Crystal clear waters. Colorful corals. Rich marine life. All to yourself. I have nothing ese to add. ;)

  1. naalala ko nga yung line, “Ineng, di puede ang suot mo dito”. Hahahaha. Glad to be part of this post Cath. :)

    Happy New Trails for 2012. :)

  2. what a great year indeed! here’s to more travels and adventures this 2012! happy travels! :)

  3. Hahaha! Winner talaga yung old lady moment mo! :)

    • ruthie
    • January 12th, 2012

    wiiihh…rurik’s present..miss you..

  4. Nice pictures !!

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