Songs and Travels. My Travel Playlist!

Every now and then, some friends would be asking what kind of music I listen to when I’m on the road. I love almost all kind of music but mostly…

I love songs that just plain exude positive vibes
Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield is a definite favourite of mine!
or those that could wake you up when you’re feeling sleepy,
Jay Sean’s 2012 is sure to get me up and about!
or calm you down when you’re anxious.
The beach comes to mind whenever I hear All Saint’s Pure Shores

Songs sang in a different language especially if it’s the place I plan to go to
Garry Schyman’s Praan

or songs that remind me of places I’ve been to
Paris comes to mind whenever I hear La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong!
plus songs that reminds me of home! Manila! *sigh*
Manila by Amber

I also always listen to songs that somehow makes me feel part of a bigger world. ;)
U2’s Beautiful Day

And I enjoy watching videos that makes me want to go out there and experience what this world has to offer!

Happy new year and more travels everyone!!!♥

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  1. Happy New Year, Catherine! Hope to see you real soon and let’s make gala :))

    • Happy new year Mica! Aba! Makakauwi na ako ng Pinas di ka pa rin nakakabalik dito sa UK! Fine! LEt’s go and explore Palawan together! haha

  2. Reggae songs always remind me of one place: Amsterdam. wuhoo!

  3. Nice list! I like the videos from where the hell is matt! They always make me smile :-).

  1. March 15th, 2013
  2. March 15th, 2013
  3. January 2nd, 2014
  4. January 22nd, 2014

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