Las Vegas Eats: Mesa

It was my first time to travel in the American continent. I went to attend a cousin’s wedding. Since I was there, I might as well maximise it and that I did by going on a weeklong roadtrip with cousins – and nieces.

I was beyond happy to realise that we are a family of foodies. Friends would usually tease me and say I’m happiest when we’re out eating good food and discussing past amazing food experiences, AND planning for future food excursions. :D In the presence of my family members there, I find that they’re even more passionate about food than me! Food heaven. As such, they’d take me to places they think/ or read about as serving really good food!  <3

One of the said places is Chef Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. It is located in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and features “Southwestern” cuisine – that’s fusion of  recipes that might have been eaten by Spanish colonial settlers, cowboys, Native Americans, and Mexicans throughout the post Columbian era (definition given by Wikipedia. ^_^).  On a simpler note, it’s similar to Mexican cuisine but with larger cuts of meat like beef and pork, and usually use spices particularly chile or chili pepper.


We ordered everything we thought would taste good and all was for sharing. We enjoyed the meal. My nieces particularly loved their blue corn tortilla strips that they gave us a complimentary plate after the first one was gone in a flash!

My fave one was the goat cheese “Queso Fundido.” Pic above. Rajas, blistered serrano vinaigrette, and blue corn tortilla strips. Such cheesy goodness! <3 <3 <3


Steamed halibut served in Guajillo chile posole broth, topped with mint, cilantro, avocado, and crispy blue corn.


Sixteen spice chicken toped with garlic-mango sauce. Habanero-apricot butter mashed potatoes and fresno chile-mango relish on the side.


Service was really good and all the food served were delicious! Great choice, cousins! :D

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