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Travel Keepsakes and Souvenirs

What kind of souvenirs do you buy when you travel? Are you the type who buy those I love -insert name of locale here- shirts? What about key chains? Shot glass? Fridge magnet? Local foods?

When I was in the Philippines, whenever I got back from a trip and have some minutes to kill while waiting for my dad to pick me up, I kinda got in the habit of guessing where people flew in from. It was pretty easy if you’ll check out the foods they have with them. A box of lechon? That’s the queen city of the south, Cebu. A box of lanzones? Must have gotten back from a trip to Camiguin. Several box of pastel bread? Then they must have also dropped by Cagayan de Oro. If they have sweets like piaya or napoleones, then I’m pretty certain they went to Bacolod. If those are peanut kisses, then it’s the beautiful island of Bohol! hehehe I should know, those were the foods I brought back for family and friends whenever I travel. ;)

Then, I developed a love for photography and started taking notice of postcards. To friends who I know are not able to travel or go to certain places, they are the ones I love sending these postcards to because I want them to have that desire to see what a beautiful world we have. I also enjoy writing postcards because written letters beat electronic ones any time of the day. To arrive home from work with a beautiful postcard with a personal message from a friend never fail to brighten up my day!


Want a postcard from me the next time I hit the road? Send me your address and I’ll happily write you one! Next destination: Lisbon, Portugal and Valencia, Spain! :D

There are people who don’t like buying knick knacks as they tend to be dust gatherers. I can’t help but buy one though to remind me that I’ve been to certain places. My current collection are travel plates. But somehow, they didn’t work out while I was going around the Philippines. Couldn’t really find any that’s why I was buying keychains then. After I started travelling outside the country more, then it was easier to get access to these lovely plates.


Mix of keychains and magnets I received from friends and bought myself.


Plates from Morocco, Sweden and Italy!

I’m not the kind of person who tend to shop much. I don’t like a cramped space – although I love a homey feel. If you’d walk into my room, you know you’re in the place of somebody who’s passionate about travelling: a world map, postcards from every corner of the world, plates and paintings. Things I buy are things that remind me of what I love to do most and that is to see the world!


My lovely world map <3

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for July 2013. With the theme “Memorable Travel Souvenirs, Objects and Mementoes,” hosted by Jun Baris of GalangPusa. To read previous blog carnival, click on this link.