DIY: Getting to Boracay (and back)

For first timers to this beach island (I know lots who haven’t been there yet), there’s no need to avail of package tours to get there since it’s simple. Here’s a guide on how to get there. :)

Last update: July 13, 2011

Boracy Island's many sails :)

Catch a flight from Manila bound for (preferably) Caticlan or Kalibo by booking flights with local airlines. For Caticlan, check out Airphil, CebuPac and Seair. Aside from the first two, PAL and Zest Air also have daily flights for Kalibo. OR ride a RoRo from Batangas pier to Caticlan port. It will take about 12 hours and costs less than 1000php.

In Kalibo:

Outside the airport are buses/ shuttle vans (200php) bound for Caticlan. Get in on one of those. It would take around an hour and a half to reach Caticlan.

In Caticlan:

Caticlan’s newly renovated airport was unveiled on June 25, 2011. They added a second floor to the building and modernized it along the way. Though it’s not as big as the other airports in the country, it definitely got style. ;)

Caticlan Airport

Upon landing and being ushered inside, there’s a desk there wherein visitors would have to register. They also made it “more” tourist friendly by having this section, just beside the registration area, wherein you can pay for everything (tricycle and other fees if you’re doing it DIY)  at once so that you don’t have to go through many lines to pay for various fees.

  1. Tricycle – 80php for a tricycle that’s good for 3pax
  2. Boat – 25php
  3. Terminal Fee – 25php
  4. Environmental and Admission Fee – 75php

You can register and pay your fees here

Waiting for our backpacks :)

Caticlan and Boracay make use of two ports depending on the season. During summer months, it’s Caticlan’s jetty port which is just around 5 minutes away from the airport on a tricycle. One can probably walk towards there but I have yet to try that. hehe Then, you get on a boat that would sail for around 15 minutes to get to Boracay’s  jetty port. During the rainy season though (July-October), they make use of Caticlan’s Tabon Port which is around 10-15minutes tricycle ride away from the airport. Then it’s a few minutes boat ride til you get to Boracay’s Cagban Port. Get on a tricycle (100php flat rate) to take you to wherever your destination is on the island. If there are many of you, better get on a multicab for 250php.

Riding a boat to get to Boracay Island

Multicab terminal at the port

Heading back to Manila, you only have to retrace the steps given above. Though this time, you would only have to pay for the boat (25php). Caticlan airport’s terminal fee is 20php while it’s 40php for Kalibo International Airport.

Checking in at Caticlan Airport

At the pre departure area one rainy afternoon

If you can get to the airport early, it’s possible that they’d let you in on the earlier flight. It happened to us twice for my last trip there. Also, if you’re going there during the rainy season, always check with your airline for changes or cancellation with your flight schedule to avoid hassles.

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    • Howard
    • January 25th, 2012

    Hi how to return from Kalibo to Caticlan? Where can I register to ride a boat from Boracay back to Caticlan? Then when I get to Caticlan, are there vans to Kalibo?

    • I think I already mentioned all of those ;)

      To get back to Caticlan from Boracay, just get on a tricycle that will take you back to the port. Boats leave every few minutes for Caticlan. Needless to say, the port in Boracay Island is where you will be registering. From Caticlan, there are vans queuing up for passengers that will take you to Kalibo. :)

  1. Hi! How do we go from Boracay to Kalibo?
    Do we need to go to Caticlan first to transfer to Kalibo?


    • Hi!!! To answer your question, yes.. you have to go to Caticlan first to get to Kalibo (See post above). cheers! :)

    • Ranee
    • September 8th, 2012

    Are the transpo in kalibo to caticlan 24 hrs? Thanks!

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    • Katie
    • September 5th, 2015

    Hi guys, I would like to recommend my tour guide. His name is Lawrence, a local from Boracay and his number is 09393283985. He can answer all your questions from which is the cheapest van to get, cheapest activities and how to DIY your trip to boracay including the prices. He assists me with all my van transfers and activities. If you also want to commute to save a lot of money, you can ask him to pick you up from the airport and he will assist you which public vehicle you should get and how much is the right prices. I always do this every year and I just give him a tip and his round trip fare to the airport. He also help me carry my luggages. I always recommend him to my friends I can say that he is very well trusted because I go to Boracay every year since 2008. The island is great but is getting crowded so you should hire someone who can look after your belongings. You can save a lot of money because he will assist you with everything and all the cheapest in Boracay. I am a DIY traveller and I am doing this to help him. Thanks for reading.

      • kc
      • April 16th, 2016

      Hello Katie,
      Your suggestion is helpful. I would like to know how many days did the tour guide assist you and how much is he asking for/ or how much did you pay him?


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