In Limbo

I love to travel! I enjoy writing! I love sharing my experiences with friends in the hope that they’ll get to experience the same things. Hence this travel blog came about.

It was on the last week of September that I was told I’ll be able to work in London, the one place where I really wanted to go, and a week after, I got my visa! Left and right, I was suddenly meeting up with friends for farewell dinners, farewell parties, farewell trips. I had to organize many stuff and attend to some chores that there really was no time to “write.”

It was a cold, gray Wednesday morning that I arrived in London’s Heathrow airport along with 22 other Filipinos. I remember how everyone was just amazed to see our breaths turn foggy! Adjusting, adjusting, adjusting… that was the main agenda. Be it the weather, language, food, and at work, we all had to adjust. But adjust, I did (though it’s always a continuous process)!

And soon, after all the paperworks I need to pass has been over and done with, I’ll be able to do what I’m most passionate about and that’s to travel! Unlike before wherein it was all in Southeast Asia, now, it’s Europe!  So aside from writing posts about my beloved Philippines, I will start writing about Europe (from visa application to planning to the actual trips). Can’t wait!

With the iconic Big Ben and Westminster's House of Parliament! :D

PS: I think I wrote this just to explain as to why my site has been idle for quite a while.. and I wanted to write something! Anything! hehe ;)

  1. Yey you’re back to blogging na! Parang kelan lang pinag-uusapan lang natin yung possibility and now, you’re there na! :D Naudlot man yung beach-bumming plan natin dati, i am still hoping na makapag-bonding tayo dyan sa London yey :D Happy New Year dear and goodluck sa adjustment hehe :D

    • Yeah! I’m happy I finally got one out! Sana tuloy tuloy na. hehe Let me know when you’ll be here ah! Di lakwatsera mga kilala ko dito eh. I need a travel buddy! :D Happy 2012 to you too sweetie!!!

  2. why don’t you write about that awesome Brit looking Pinoy guy from Essex..the one they call reigun? ;p

  3. Glad you’re on to a new adventure. Good luck! And I like the photo since it somehow captures the flurry of activities you went through to get there in London. Ingat! :)

  4. Cat, ‘pag napadpad ako diyan sa London, pwede ba akong makitulog sa ‘yo AKA couchsurfing? Hehehehe

    Can’t wait for your Europe posts!

    • Suzy
    • February 15th, 2012

    Welcome to Eu!!
    can’t really wait here for you Visa Application entry :))
    enjoy travelling!

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