Gorgeous Gambia

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with a touch of the exotic, where the sands shimmer under the blazing sun, the beaches are fringed with lush greenery and the shores sparkle like scattered diamonds, look no further than the Gambia.

Pic courtesy of thomascook.com

Holidays in Gambia are a little bit unusual, and that’s exactly why they’re so special. They also tick plenty of holiday boxes. If you’re after lashings of sun, sea and sand, you’ll find that in abundance in this beautiful corner of West Africa. It’s got vibrant beach resorts, lovely sunbathing spots, welcoming hotels and an attentive service that’s cheery and personable.

The Gambia has a fascinating heritage too, which you can explore through numerous tours and museums. On the subject of tours, you can’t beat a boat trip along the Gambian River. Kick back and relax as you drift leisurely along the country’s namesake, looking out for amazing animals like monkeys, crocodiles and exotic birds.

Pic courtesy of thomascook.com

The culture here is a blend of various influences, given its diverse history. There are various throw-backs to the British, following their occupation in the 18th and 19th centuries, along with various other cultures that are evident in the cuisine as well as the local architecture, adding an intriguing blend to this culturally diverse and heritage-rich country.

If you’re after a holiday with a difference, which comes with plenty of traditional beach necessities yet offers plenty of fascinating sites and sounds to explore, a holiday in the Gambia could be just the ticket.

Pic courtesy of thomascook.com

Find out more about holidays in Gambia online at thomascook.com, the world’s best-known name in travel, to search for the latest deals and to gain inspiration on various travel factors including the best time to visit, where to stay, and what to do when you get there. The Gambia is a beautiful holiday destination that’s well worth a visit – when will you tick Gambia off your ‘must-go’ list? ;)

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