Daytrip to Keukenhof

April 27, 2014
Lisse, Netherlands

Flowers in bloom

Whenever choosing my next travel destination, it had always been a question of do I go back to a place I absolutely enjoyed/ loved or do I explore someplace new? I’ve been to Netherlands before and that was because there was a really good bargain by Megabus so off I went for a weekend of partying in Amsterdam just in time for their Queen’s Day too. Well, it was never my plan to go back there – not anytime soon at least – but the Queen abdicated last year to give way to her son and as such, the country is celebrating their first ever King’s day. It’s spring time too and the fact that I wasn’t able to visit the tulip field on my first visit there warrants another visit!


How to get to the gardens:
From Amsterdam:
From the central station, take a train bound for Schiphol Airport, € 6.40. If you haven’t bought your ticket for Keukenhof Gardens online, you can do so here – just search for the information counter. pictured below. Beside the information is the event desk where they’re selling the tickets, € 23.00 includes a whole day admission and a return bus ticket from the gardens to the airport. After securing your ticket, head out and look for bus #858. Last trip back of the bus is at 7:30pm.

P1130163When to visit the Keukenhof Garden?
I would have to say that the last 2 weeks of April is best as the tulips are in full bloom. The same is true for the tulip fields in the area as chances are they’d have been harvested is you visit late in the season.

First glimpse

First glimpse of the tulip fields!

Inside Keukenhof Garden



 Beautiful flowers are in bloom. It is truly spring!




Keukenhoff is so beautiful! BUT I have to say, make sure to make time to go around the fields. That’s where we became plain giddy with excitement! I would suggest riding a bicycle, € 10.00, for the day. I’ve just learned how to bike so I’m always keen to give it a go. And there I was coercing my friends to join me. They agreed only after we were able to charm our way into paying for the bikes at half-price! Well, it was already past 5 so it was quite easy to convince the guys manning the bikes for rent.  Sooo fun!!! :D


Jess asking tips on which route to take

Jess asking tips on which route to take




  1. These flowers look fantastic! And you girls are really good at the charm trick, I wonder if I’d get the same 50% discount on bike should I follow suit. Haha!

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