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Australian Wine Tour: Wineries & Vineyards Worth Visiting

My first ever guest blog post!
Since I’ll be heading to Australia soon, I thought the timing’s perfect! Happy reading. :)

Image 1 - Australian wine tour, Featured image

Image 1 – Australian wine tour, Featured image (Source)

Even some seasoned tourists get surprised when they hear Australian wine is just as prized around the world as Italian and French varieties. This is simply due to the fact that the climate of certain inland areas of the vast and beautiful landscapes this continent offers makes for fertile ground to cultivate grapes. The gentle slopes of these hills are not unlike the Mediterranean meadows or Californian valleys.  With that in mind, if you ever get a chance to go on an Australian wine tour, these are the vineyards and wineries worth visiting.

Margaret River

About 280 kilometers south of Perth lies the quaint little town of Margaret River – a modest urbanity that lies on the delta of the eponymous river and which is primarily known as a hub for surfers. However, this town is also a gathering spot for wine connoisseurs who are constantly searching for the best and the most delicate balance of tastes the wineries of Western Australia can offer. The destination is also renowned for award winning restaurants, some of which are actually located in the most prestigious wineries. This means that you’ll get a chance to enjoy that ever so coveted gourmet combo of rich Australian cuisine and textured wine.

Image 2 - Australian wine tour, Margaret River

Image 2 – Australian wine tour, Margaret River (Source)

Clare Valley

If you are a bit bored of the red varieties and you yearn for a taste of something white and light, head to the Clare Valley. This extremely opulent wine region is famous for its state of the art Riesling, a courtesy of opportune continental climate with cold nights and hot days during the summer period. It is located about 120 kilometers north of Adelaide and it is known for “housing” a staggering number of quality wineries. As for the red, if you take a chance to try its Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, your taste of red wine might get reinvigorated before you expected!

Image 3 - Australian wine tour, Clare Valley

Image 3 – Australian wine tour, Clare Valley (Source)

Yarra Valley

It is simply a blasphemy to go on an Australian Wine tour and to skip a visit to one of its most captivating locales – the Yarra Valley. This staggeringly beautiful bucolic region got its moniker after the Yarra River, which cuts through the territory for 90 kilometers before it spills into the Port Phillip Bay, under the docks of Melbourne. The wine production on this patch of land is both diverse and plentiful – a prospect that can be tested in the professional and renowned Olivigna winery in Warrandyte, which offers an exquisite assortment of nectars.

Image 4 - Australian wine tour, Yarra Valley

Image 4 – Australian wine tour, Yarra Valley (Source)

Swan Valley

A tour around the Swan Valley is like a rite of passage for wine connoisseurs that have decided to visit the Land Down Under. Its historical significance is hard to deny since the Swan Valley stands as the oldest wine region on the entire Australian Continent. It is also a small wonder of a region because it persists among some of the most arid and inhospitable patches of land you can possibly imagine. After all, the land around Perth is not exactly known for its healthy soil that can grow something as demanding as grapes, and yet the Swan Valley rests proudly, and its wineries stand the test of time. Definitely add its century old vineyards to your binge-drinking escapade.

Image 5 - Australian wine tour, Swan Valley

Image 5 – Australian wine tour, Swan Valley (Source)


It appears the territories of Victoria are full of surprises when it comes to wine. If you head north-east and follow the M31 highway, this wine region will creep up on your left flank right before you enter the territory of New South Wales. The climate in this part of the country is mostly dry, with long and sunny days during the summer, which renders Rutherglen territory perfect for the cultivation of grape varieties. All Saints Estate is renowned for its gorgeousness and an exquisite wine selection, so make sure to do proper reservations in time.

Image 6 - Australian wine tour, Rutherglen

Image 6 – Australian wine tour, Rutherglen (Source)

The Land Down Under is not all about spectacular beaches and epic desserts. Somewhere between arid landscapes and lush tropicana lies a territory filled with serene rustic scenery and a sumptuous scent of wine. If you ever get a chance to follow this alluring smell, you’ll find yourself immersed in one of the most hedonistic, lavishing wine tours of your life, and you’ll absolutely fall in love with this Dionysian part of the Australian continent.



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Bucketlist 101

We all have a travel bucketlist – a list of places we’d love to go to and visit at one point in our lifetime.

I realized that the more I go out there to see more of the world, the longer my list becomes instead!

This travelbug, once you get it… it’s hard to get it out of your system!

Where to next??? :D

Where to next??? :D

I’ve tried making a list of dream destinations. It’s actually hard as I didn’t want to be biased on any one continent.

One almost always has a map in their room if they're crazy about travels - almost! ;)

One almost always has a map in their room if they’re crazy about travels – almost! ;)


Do I write the name of the city or of a specific building or monument in there? Rome vs. Trevi Fountain, Colosseo, Pantheon, etc.

Do I specify any activity or just the name of the place? Ride a gondola in Venice vs. (just) Venice

Anyways, I sort of made it! Yay! Haha Have a look and tell how many you’ve places you’ve visited in this list! Just click on any of the pictures in this post. ;)

Going crazy over tomatoes in Spain!

Going crazy over tomatoes in Spain!


Sunset over Portugal :)

Sunset over Portugal :)


Where is your next destination?
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